WIndow Cleaning in Norristown, PA

Interior Window Cleaning

Routine indoor window and glass cleaning

Lots of consumers request routine indoor window and glass cleansing as part of their routine service to regularly remove spots, streaks, and soil. Other clients who utilize Done Rite Building Services Exterior Window Cleaning want their interior windows cleaned up at the exact same time since every window has 2 sides that need to look clean! Whether you are a present client or simply require indoor window cleaning, contact Done Rite Building Services to get interior window and glass cleaning as a unique service on a routine basis, such as quarterly, or in preparation for an occasion that needs your windows to look sparkling clean.


Exterior Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning up to 50 feet

Clean outside windows enhance the curb appeal of your office or center, creating a positive impression on visitors, customers, staff members, and passersby. The Done Rite Building Services Program uses innovative commercial window cleaning tools, such as a water-fed pole system, to tidy exterior windows and window frames up to 50 feet from the ground. Due to the fact that ionized purified water is utilized, the procedure is environment-friendly to bushes and structure façade, leaving a deionized surface that helps keep soil from re-attaching to windows. Rates normally increase for cleaning outside windows above the first floor, as does the degree of difficulty and equipment requirements.

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