A Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Company can take any piece of furniture, no matter what it is constructed of and how severely it is soiled, and return it to a gorgeous state. Couches and chairs take more penalty than other furniture pieces in the house and are regular victims of food spills, animal dander, body oils, dirt and other soils. With time, this can leave the furniture with an ugly appearance and some ugly smells also, however, both can be taken care of with the help of a licensed specialist.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning services begin with dry vacuuming every part of the furnishings. Certified firms have access to effective business grade vacuums that can reach deep into seat cushions and upholstery, drawing out a lot more soil than the normal vacuum can handle. After a few passes, the furnishings are pretreated with a substance that binds to soils and suspends them.

Water and cleaning agent is then applied to the fabric, either through making use of a wand tool or with great old-fashioned effort. The service technician might decide to do this a couple times prior to area treating stains and using any smell elimination formulas. Once the furniture is treated, it is dried using water extraction tools and enabled to air out a couple hours. At this point, a protective finish is sprayed onto the upholstery, which guards it against future soiling.

It’s a relatively quick procedure, but one that can restore the furnishings back to a like-new state.

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